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iPhone user interface has been five years without innovation

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摘要: BlackBerry CEO Torsten Hynes (Thorsten Heins) said that the rapid development of the global smartphone market has been thrown to the Apple iPhone behind; Hynes also expected, the latest BlackBerry Z10 ...
BlackBerry CEO Torsten Hynes (Thorsten Heins) said that the rapid development of the global smartphone market has been thrown to the Apple iPhone behind; Hynes also expected, the latest BlackBerry Z10 smartphone this week late some time when landed on the U.S. market, the number of native applications supporting the product will reach 100,000.

Before Elijah BlackBerry Z10 phone, Hynes said in an interview with the "Elijah Finance Review interview, Samsung released last week, Galaxy S4 and, more recently, a large number of smart phone products listed Apple has weakened in this area has been maintained the leading edge.

He also said, from other mobile platforms for Blackberry encourage users to the BlackBerry platform has made some initial progress; PlayBook tablet computer failed to commercial success, the follow-up of a long way to go;, and some big applications such as Instagram and Netflix new BlackBerry 10 operating system developers have been attracted.

Hynes said: "Apple has completed a wonderful job, touchscreen device that is advancing the market. They have achieved remarkable results in the user interface design, they design genius. Their success is justified, We must recognize and respect that. "

He went on to say: "I think history always repeats itself constantly, the very fast pace of innovation in our industry, if you do not go all the innovation, then you will soon be replaced by others. IPhone The user interface is now five years there is no innovation. "

Hynes said, the latest BlackBerry phone is already beyond the iPhone, in the field of multi-tasking (ie run multiple applications simultaneously), which means that users can be like using a laptop computer to use as smart phones.

Samsung and other handset makers such as HTC and Nokia have launched the latest high-end smart phone, the quality of those new products is excellent, industry observers had admiration, and it causes about whether Apple should speed up the new iPhone release cycles.

Hynes said: "The problem is, you can never standing still, the same is true for us. Released BlackBerry 10 system is just a starting point, we must be innovative."

Attract application developers

Blackberry 10 phone released in January, many observers of the new phone in the technically advanced nature full of praise, but they also believe that the new phone still exist some problems, such as the relatively small number of applications available, which may limit the popularity of the new mobile phones in the consumer.

The release of the first BlackBerry 10 phone, the BlackBerry native application about 70,000, far exceeding the number of native applications that Microsoft released the Windows Phone platform, but less than the Apple App Store App Store and Google (microblogging) The number of applications supporting Google Play Android application store.

Hynes said he the native BlackBerry Z10 later this week to visit the U.S. market supporting the number of applications is expected to reach 100,000. The market has been concerned about the problem of popular applications, such as photo-sharing service Instagram and video supplier Netflix does not invest in the development of the BB10 application, Hynes responded that BlackBerry is working with those companies to negotiate, but also the smooth progress. He said: "We have been trying to important applications the introduction of the BlackBerry 10 platform."

He said: "I think, as time goes on, we will see a lot of change, because they also want to take a look at how to BlackBerry 10 market. They should consider their own rate of return on investment. This is understandable, but also the normal operation of the Road, our job is to persuade them to accept the success of the BlackBerry 10 platform. "

Hines pointed out that the reason why he did not announce the BlackBerry 10 devices early sales, because there is a quiet period before the earnings release. He also said the company has been pleased to see a lot of customers to abandon the platform of the competitors, select the BlackBerry 10 platform.

But he refused to estimate the BlackBerry snatched which a mobile platform market share, but said the circumstances are different in each region. He said the company is now waiting to see, you need to see a BlackBerry 10 device in the U.S. and other markets such as Elijah, etc. after the release of the performance in order to determine the broader market trend.

On the BlackBerry, which in the end is established or broken?

Hynes said he kept seeing all over the world since the BlackBerry 10 devices released the latest BlackBerry 10 phone as a product of the company "Last Stand". Although he also believes that this product is indeed very important for the company, but he does not agree with the statement currently precipice swing.

Hynes said: "I have often denied the company into a financially unsustainable predicament, I want to know what everyone's talking about what the company now has no debt, cash position as of the end of March is also quite good, so I think we work is very diligent, our aim is not just to survive, but to restore it to health. "

He said, for companies, whether the latest BlackBerry 10 phone can be successful in the near future is very important, but the company is more concerned about whether the BlackBerry 10 playing a broader mobile computing platform.

This also led to the emergence of some of the rumors, people suspected the BlackBerry would like Google authorized Android as BlackBerry 10 licensed to other equipment manufacturers. Hynes acknowledged that this is the kind of program can be considered in the future development of the company's strategic assessment, the company will be to consider that issue; But now, the focus of the company is still BlackBerry 10 phone promotion to global around the market.

Last week, news that a mysterious buyer has ordered 1 million to the BlackBerry BlackBerry 10 phone. If true, then the Blackberry has been greatly enhanced the image and status in the eyes of consumers and enterprise users.

Hynes said, due to the relationship of the confidentiality agreement, he can not reveal the identity of the client, but he pointed out that the transaction for the company is also an important symbolic milestone.

He said: "The order is the largest amount of orders in the history of the BlackBerry company, able to get the trust of customers, we are very pleased that this is very important, while those customers to get a large number of inventory also assumed no small risk, they do so fully that they believe they can succeed through BlackBerry 10. "

Acquisition talks

Discussion blackberry development plan to the broader mobile computing market, most turn a blind eye to the problem is it does not have any impact on the Tablet PC market through the PlayBook. A limited number of applications, the lack of reviews of the BlackBerry e-mail and distinctive means that products can only glide from the market like a meteor.

Hines admitted that the company made some mistakes in the beginning to enter the Tablet PC market; before the product is released, he said, the company too egotistical, no native mail application, and many other applications, when the company considered just as soon as possible to show it operating system. However, he also said that the company will be prior to failure as a valuable lesson, I believe can help the success of the latest release of BlackBerry 10 system.

He said: "I do not want to re-do it again the same way, if I want to, then the development of Tablet PC products, I hope it can become a real substantive and meaningful business, and that business should be able to profit."

He said: "I think that the very thin profit Tablet PC products. Tribute to Apple, I think they are really trying to control live on that market, I can not do them as I need for my business customers, consumers and BlackBerry 10 audience to consider, considering I can pass the Tablet PC to provide them with what mobile computing experience, rather than just pure tablet experience. "

Win new customers

Wednesday, Hynes stayed in Australia, on Monday when he attended the local BlackBerry phone conference. However, his more important task in Australia is to meet with local business leaders and chief information officer, in order to convince them to accept BlackBerry products again.

Weekend in Melbourne, he took part in the Formula One Grand Prix Congress, he will have to attend a lot of meetings before you leave Elijah.

Hynes said: "This is what I spent 23 hours from cold Canada went to Melbourne reasons, it is because Elijah is a very important market for us. Elijah is a very innovative ability and mature market, but also a very rich smartphone and mobile computing market. "

Hynes said: "Leah is our largest 10 markets in the world, we need to be successful here, you will see that we devoted a lot of energy here."

Elijah local banking sector is an urgent need to address the problem. They launched a dedicated application, has a strong competitive edge in the field of mobile banking. The bank's executives have said that they had to be abandoned for Blackberry development and application of local BlackBerry users is too small.

Hines admitted he worried about BlackBerry products in Brasilia banking penetration, but he believes that now to take measures to reverse the kind of situation is not too late.

He said: "The financial services and banking sector is in fact our local market, but the work we are doing now is to show customers that we can be well positioned to meet the the BYOD trend in enterprise IT needs."

He said: "Our product is very suitable for consumer use, also like Blackberry products for enterprise users, if you have an open OS, it is open, the equivalent of you to your door with a many, many key government departments and financial services customers know it. "
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