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Lei Jun Zhang Ying is elegant

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摘要: Elegant: in my entire entrepreneurial process, Lei Jun told Zhang Ying helped me a lot. My first in the entrepreneurial process, a sentiment that you encounter elegant, if there is no one to help you, ...
Elegant: in my entire entrepreneurial process, Lei Jun told Zhang Ying helped me a lot. My first in the entrepreneurial process, a sentiment that you encounter elegant, if there is no one to help you, everything becomes possible only a slogan encountered two elegant, I began entrepreneurial fumble.

Talk about entrepreneurship: Anyway, I do have ten thousand dollars to find a team, live in a house in the outskirts of the package, and then the upper and lower regions, and each person every month point of the cost of living, to find Aunt cooking, if you can sustain a years, maybe things would be a break.

Talk about family: cattle development toughest one moment, my wife and kids back home, I went home to pick up their kids, and kids are not so hold, from a private house venture, now merged with the Jinshan was hard target heart Thinking again venture is to make a good product, do not change the world, but at least your sense of accomplishment.

Fu Sheng

Listen to my share of friends probably know I've experienced it. Before in various versions of the Internet have a simple talk about that experience into the odd tiger, I lead a small team of four people in a very inconspicuous place to do security products, most called rogue nemesis, but then I put it changed his name to 360 security guards. Finally, in our efforts, 360 security guards have been an unexpected development, growth quickly. Qihoo based search company started in year two $ 20 million financing, financing plan book written are actually search, there is no point security shadow.

360 security guards in the first half of 2008, when the user has to more than 100, but the the Qihoo search of market share is very low, turning off the flow of network alliance probably only a day less than one million PV. In addition, hundreds of millions of dollars Softbank Investment All to the weeks boss stimulus, the week boss is the only way to feel full 360 security guards. Was quite happy, feeling that their own product is finally being taken seriously, at least the wages can add a little. Later, a series of things, so I feel has not in a good mood to work in this environment, so the departure is not expected to, then the feeling is really two one dark.

I leave on August 16, Why remember so clearly, happens to be the day of the Japanese surrender in August 15. Leaving that afternoon, I received a phone Matrix Partners founder Zhang Ying, that time has just begun operations in China Jingwei, Zhang Ying invited me to go to the latitude and longitude, but I feel more suitable for a business, then Zhang Ying said you can learn a science investments, identify the direction after re-start. Others say that life is to meet the honored, Zhang Ying is very important, she was lucky at that time met him, so to enter the venture capital circles with the circle of people exchange.

Later, an angel investment friends I want to see Lei Jun, I too would like to simply iconic characters. At the end of 2008, when we met. At that time, he asked me some questions, one of which is the 360 ​​development so quickly, my credit is great or Zhou Hongyi's credit? Fact, this issue is the test, said Zhou Hongyi's large credit, although he did not how tube, but the framework of the company is still very important for the province to a lot of trouble, so I can wholeheartedly in a healthy environment effort to the products above, do not need to consider something other than the product. Ray always was quite satisfied with the answer, the answer to this question, for me, he also has a rough idea, I know is how to think about the problem.

, Ray has always helped me a lot in my whole entrepreneurial process. My first in the entrepreneurial process, a sentiment that you have to face your elegant, if there is no one to help you, everything becomes possible only a slogan encountered two elegant, I started looking.

Entrepreneurship in the end choose which direction, in fact, he was also very tangled. I encountered a few problems in the business. First, when exactly the U.S. financial crisis, do not know if I can melt into money; second, although when I post 360 security guards, general manager, managing an independent business unit, but we all know this before I just a product manager, I had never been seen day after day do the products of the industry as a whole are not too much to understand, so leave Qihoo really do not know what direction do.

Had never been seen mine always ask me how to go into business, and to be honest I do not know, he replied to my first up do, he said that how you do it, I say, anyway, I do have a ten to ten thousand money, find a team package in the outskirts of a house, upper live in the lower work points per month living expenses, find aunt cook, can sustain a year, maybe things will turn for the better. This passage is actually relatively impressed Ray always there once our internal speech later, he also mentioned that my business has great determination. I never record industry did not have much money, since to do, only go all out. Later, I really do, and at that time my wife did not work, the child only three months yet to come years old, I took them back home after they recruit people to start a business.

Direction on how to pick the thought for a long time, was the most familiar with is a security tool, but then agreed to eighteen months Qihoo do security. 360 do software management, found a software called I see to put downloads very high, I think the picture processing still have some space, so do a cow image. Our goal is to defeat the shadow magic hands, did not take long to do 360 when put downloads do one million, then I think we do an image processing software, get to be 50 million.

360's success was also ignores the fact, there are many favorable factors, although their own efforts, but more important. Ray always taught me, the flow is, picture software itself is not safe large classification of the entire growth so it will not be like the security software that fast, but our hearts are more anxious, we spent a year's time can be cattle image downloads do daily million, and have nothing to promote, by virtue of some of the features, can also do, but at that time the heart is very tangled, completely against my own business.

And in the case of a small team, but also to open a second front in addition to the bovine image can cattle pictures, now proven to be wrong, no matter when entrepreneurs have to do subtraction rather than do addition, then we called "carrying 360 Yu Yong, the still somewhat Xingaoqiao; Mito Xiu Xiu another of our competitors, it is investment in Cai Wensheng, there are a lot of promotion resources; their product manager 80 after, to be honest they Mito technology as we, but it is the creativity of their ideas, the big picture processing is slow that he can not be bothered to deal with the big picture, he automatically turn into the big picture less than 1280, specifically to meet the QQ show QQ space user demand, and then come up with some large eyes, white skin, plus eyelashes this function, I Cock wire a male, not show photos to make such a function, it is difficult.

I was caught up in deep thought, I can do a security software then downloads do pictures software they do but Mito Xiu Xiu, thought for a long time to find the answers. First, I'm not the kind of love show photos of people, if you as a product manager, you these lines do not have to understand, are not interested in, and you want to make a good product, very difficult; Second, I am also in the industry no accumulation, do the cow image before I do the Internet Assistant, network clean-up in this category, so there is no accumulation, a person must have accumulated. That when I read a book called "otherness" of the book there is a theory called ten thousand hours law gave me a great feeling.

This is a process I do to cattle products, channels and that the user experience a re-understanding. Entrepreneurial to cattle is an independent company, rather than a company framework below, there are a lot of difficulties, for example, the financing, you never talked about financing, do not know the venture, how to talk about it a little groping this time you need to do this is very difficult, the complexity has increased. The second is how you become an entrepreneur, if you are a product manager, you only need to consider where to put this button transformed from a product manager, how to achieve this functionality. However, if you are the entrepreneur, the issues to consider too many, such as your financial how much money, how to spend your money, how to build your talent team, each journey the Stele how to everyone morale.

Team of a dozen people in a two-bedroom in the East Third Ring Road office, that time is very difficult for us to recruit people, other people see you in the houses inside the office, are reluctant and even morning just to recruit them, afternoon left the situation. Office in order to get them, at that time, I put investment people borrow over with the interview, I told them, you look at this office for our investors, our office is very simple, but in the future we will powerful one and open the main door Even so, there have been interviews willing to Heart Italian retreat.

Before you in the framework of a large company, never this problem, there is the trick you how to manage your team how to expansion, when to spend money, and when not to spend money. I often reflect on that there was no financial money quickly spent out. Because of the financial crisis in 2008, are also considered in 2009, so I have been thinking about how I melt into a three-year spent out. When I and Jinshan merger, when my account on two-thirds of that money is not spent, I was very province, this look is less money to save money, is in fact miss your entrepreneurial opportunities. When you really, when the next round of financing, in fact, you have not spent the money is to waste your entrepreneurial opportunities, because you are not willing to spend money, you move less than a good talent, you can not give you a good wage, your business the expansion will be a problem. So many of the problems we encountered in the entrepreneurial process, you never quite found the products. To cattle experience made me become an entrepreneur from a product manager. I spend less than ten twenty dollars a day, how to get to spend several million yuan, or some of the challenges.

Ban industry period after I started doing security, Ray always know, said cattle better to merge with the Jinshan network, you come to do this thing full so you can get a speeding growth. Was very excited, cow so hard when my wife and kids back home, I went home to pick up their kids, and kids are not so hold, from a private house venture, now merged with the Jinshan, the kind of experience ...

But the heart Thinking again venture goal is to make a good product, do not change the world, to satisfy your sense of accomplishment, you have an opportunity, the establishment of the R & D team can now another brand, another team This can greatly reduce the risk that you encountered in the entrepreneurial process, you'll soon be able to carry out the trench warfare, the chance of success is still very large. Had never been seen, I told the people of the founding team, we took it as an ultra-large-scale financing, as a start-up company to develop good financing and attract good team, must repeatedly. Finally, I thought for a long time to merge things finalized. There are in fact many stories! Limited time I will not say. From today, is this step that we take a step.

Merged with the Jinshan I experienced metamorphosis from how to manage a small team to manage a large company, and because I in 360, when the basic research and development team only twenty less than, then the entire management team does not exceed 70 the merge when cattle total of only 70 people, then Jinshan security probably have more than 400 people, and then merge over a 500 people company, I only managed a 70 person team, then look at the management of the company of 500 people, is also much of a challenge. From today's results, I basically did a big mistake. For me, how to manage a big team, how to conduct cultural fusion, Beijing, Zhuhai, Zhengzhou, three real-time management, management also learned a lot of things. Then the R & D team, with before business not the same, then good is a point constantly to do, how to put a button, how to design an interface, and today we have this team, this scale more than 150 million users how to play to the advantage of the company, and how to do their bit cards in the whole industry chain transfer and development in the entire positioning the user experience is not the same products are a huge challenge.

The Jinshan network within two years after the merger, I remember, when I took over the the Duba daily active amount is about 700 million, is now 5,000 million from one product to the security guards to the cheetah browser, income last year probably more than three to achieve a revenue growth of 100% in a million, I believe we will have a better future development.
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